Release additional value from your Microlise system

Value Added Modules

Release additional value from your Microlise MFD system with microtools - a suite of modules to enhance the Microlise system that you already have. Microtools connects to your Microlise MFD system via web services and is a standalone offering. You can subscribe to a blend of modules according to your needs.

Custom solutions based on Microtools
Through the Microtools platform and the various integrations already in place with the Microlise Fleet and Distribution platform, cost effective solutions may be developed that meet your business' specific requirements. Check our examples of working with clients to rapidly deliver solutions.

Having been Presales Director at Microlise for over 20 years, I have a good understanding of Transport & Logistics, the Microlise interfaces and customer base. Novate develops practical and cost effective solutions that deliver results for low levels of effort and investment by our customers.

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Mark Snape
Director, Novate Ltd

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