What you cannot see, you cannot manage

Monitor Microlise System Events and Task results, and if they match user defined rules you can;

  • Immediately notify users via Email
  • Immediately notify users via SMS
  • Add to a report

using a user configurable template per monitor

Why monitor Tasks?

Whenever you need to intelligently handle task results;

  • Send to fleet team when inspection task fails
  • Send trailer damage report
  • Send FNOL information immediately to insurer
  • Send property damage report to customer services team
  • Send expenses form to accounts
  • Send driver holiday request to transport team
  • Accumulate report of customer survey responses
  • Securely archive customer equipment inspection report (eg pump run time, meter readings, fridge temps, tank ullage)

Why monitor System Events?

Whenever someone wants to know in real-time;

  • Panic button was pressed
  • Vehicle entering no-go zone
  • Vehicle leaving geofence out of hours
  • Driver using unauthorised parking or service station
  • Toll road being used
  • Fridge temperature out of range
  • Cargo doors opened where they shouldn’t be
  • Excessive speed
  • Vehicle Leaving site
  • Delivery / Collection completed


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