Tracking Bridge

Let your data go free
  • Third party tracking data to Microlise system via gateway
  • Microlise data to third party after first;
    • filtering based on job
    • translation of vehicle identifiers
  • Translation of attributes

Why use Microtools Tracking Bridge?

Customers that need to bring in data from legacy tracking hardware

  • Either direct from tracking units or collected from telematics provider
  • Collect data from ‘niche’ tracking providers such as specialist vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles etc
  • Perform Journey Management (geofence entry and exit) from 3rd-party in-cab devices

Customers that need to send vehicle location data to third party systems

  • Can build rules based on assignment to journey or leg so that vehicles are not visible at all times
  • Can post to other party rather than them having to create Microlise specific fetch of data
  • Update your customer's global load tracking system without additional hardware


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