Simple, yet robust, integration
  • CSV or Excel to XML processor
  • Allow rapid on-boarding of customers
  • Avoids large Paragon costs
  • Convert postcodes to coordinates
  • Time and distance calculation for fully timed routes
  • Good error feedback

What is XMLflow?

XMLflow takes planned routes in flat file format and converts them into the one XML per journey that Microlise need in order to perform journey execution management.

Users can manually upload a complete plan, or XMLflow can fetch individual plans from your systems using FTP or similar

XMLflow contains static lookup tables that can be used to translate depot names, asset and resource types, and to add in additional boilerplate to the planned journeys.

XMLflow can be used as a platform for other journey manipulations. See the custom solutions page for examples.

Why use XMLflow?

  • Rapidly deployed for;
    • Operations that are waiting for their own IT to create integration
    • Waiting for their routing provider
    • Waiting for Microlise to create integration
  • Where you cannot cost justify full integration
  • Where you have large fleet integrated but have a smaller ‘manually’ managed fleet as well, eg trunkers that are not in main plan.
  • You need variable based rules, eg ‘intelligent’ integration layer
  • You need to merge more than one data source
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