EPOD Templates

Flexible. Powerful. Timely. Secure.

Works in conjunction with Microlise ePOD but provides flexible output formats

  • Collect Microlise Delivery Outcomes
  • Map data into customer bespoke template
  • Allow different templates based on consignment attributes
  • Dispatch template by email to client + customer
  • Archive (with accessible links) in cloud storage

Why Microtools EPOD Templates?

  • For customers that need bespoke design
  • Bespoke design per contract or delivery point
  • Customised graphics
  • Immediate EPOD routing or delay based on success/failure
  • Long term storage in customer’s own cloud platform
  • Email AND storage


  • Microlise ePOD with SmartPOD or SmartFlow
  • Imported Consignment data
  • Web Services Enabled


  • Cannot currently include photos from clauses in the ePOD document
  • Training Data Ready to discuss in more detail? Defects

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